24 x 54 Pool Liner – Brighton Prism HG – EZ-Bead

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Best 24 ft Round Pool Liner

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24 ft Round Pool Liner – Brighton Prism HG – 24×54 Pool Liner (Beaded)

  • Pattern: Brighton Prism24 ft round pool liner
  • Manufacturer: Latham
  • Size: 24 x 54
  • Thickness: 20/17 Mil
  • Bead Type: EZ-Bead
  • Weight: 120lbs

FREE SHIPPING – 24×54 Pool Liner – only while supplies last

The Brighton Prism HG (heavy gauge) version is the best above ground pool liner I know of. It is made of the thickest and best quality vinyl of all above ground pool liners. This was the original 20 mil liner, made popular by me at MGK Pool Service.

Before this liner, the best above ground pool liner was an 18/16 Mil

I sell more of this liner than any other, and I package it with all my above ground pool packages. I am able to price this liner better than other liners I sell, even lower than lesser quality liners, because of the large amount I order every year.

Application: This full print 24×54 pool liner will fit any pool that takes a 24 ft round pool liner, with a 54 inch pool wall. The Latham EZ-Bead can either hook the J bead on the wall, or use it in a standard bead track. The only pools this wont fit are those old Esther Williams and Johnny Weissmuller Pools with the slat walls and oversize aluminum bead channel. Again, this liner is made to fit regular pools with a 24 foot diameter and a 54 inch wall. Either hook bead on wall or put bead in standard size bead receiver. Call us if not sure about fit!

Do not install this liner unless it is sunny and near 70 degrees or it may buckle your pool wall.


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