DC Pool Pump with Controller – MGK 65/370 Package


48 Volt / 370 Watt – DC Pump

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The MGK 65/370 Pump was designed for above ground pools, and small inground pools. It meets the flow requirements of above ground pool filters. Capable of pushing 65 gallons per minute (GPM), @ 42 feet of head pressure. It has the same flow characteristics as the most popular above ground pool pump in America, the Hayward Matrix 1.5HP above ground pool pump.

This pump, like all brushless DC (Direct Current) pumps comes with a controller. With the controller, you can adjust the max speed of the pump, giving you the ability to dial in the perfect flow rate for your filter.

Included in Price:

  • MGK 65/370 Pump
  • Controller (MPPT)
  • 9 Foot Cable to Wire Pump
  • 20 Foot Cable For Solar Panel
  • Connector
  • Installation Manual

MGK 65/370 DC Pool Pump

Like all pool pumps of today, the motor turns a plastic rotor, inside a plastic stator, and moves water. The new rotor design is wider, this helps to keep pine needles and other debris from getting stuck in it. The pump housing has a large debris basket with clear see through cover. The pump intake and discharge are both 2 inch.

The housing of the DC motor is made of aluminum to allow for maximum cooling. This is a Brushless motor, and requires no maintenance. It provides dependable service, and quiet operation.


Solar controller with LED display, internal switching, and manual speed control dial to adjust the speed of the pump.

  1. Low Voltage Protection (Automatic)
  2. Over Current Protection (Automatic and Fused)
  3. Control of Motor Running Speed (Speed Regulator)
  4. MPPT Function (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  5. Battery Backup and Charging

You can run this system with or without a battery backup. The controller has two modes, Solar, and battery.

In solar mode, you can run run the pump directly from the panels. In battery mode, the pump will run from the batteries, and the solar power is used to charge the batteries. The pump will not run directly from the solar panels in battery mode. When the batteries have recovered sufficiently, the pump will restart and the solar power will continue to recharge the batteries.

Easy Installation

This system is designed for the DIY backyard enthusiast. It could not be any simpler to install. If you can properly install batteries in a flashlight, you can hook this system up. Positive to positive, and negative to negative. All terminals for solar panels, battery (if using), pump, are tagged, and clearly marked +pos and -neg.

The instruction manual that comes with this package has great diagrams, pictures, and instructions. To properly follow instructions, and test each connection as you proceed, you should have a voltmeter on hand. An understanding of polarity and common sense is all that is required.

When dealing with electricity, you should always use precautions, and never handle live current. If you have any doubt as to your ability, please consult an electrician.


MGK 65/370 DC Pool Pump: 3 year warranty

MGK MPPT Controller:  3 year warranty

If there is a factory defect with the MGK 65/370 controller, or DC Motor within the first 3 years, we will send you a new controller, or motor for free, with shipping free.

If the DC pool pump impeller is damaged within 3 years, we will send you a spare impeller for replacement, also with shipping free.

Warranty only covers manufacturers defects. If the pump or controller are not properly covered, and are damaged by weather, water, or poor winterizing, MGK Pools will not be held accountable.


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