15×30 Mystri-Gold Swirl UNI-Bead 52-Inch Wall Pool Liner


15x30x52 Mystri-Gold / Swirl Pool Liner

  • Manufacturer: Swimline
  • Print: Mystri-Gold
  • Bead Type: Universal
  • Size: 15x30x52
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15x30x52 Mystri-Gold Swirl Oval Above-Ground Pool Liner – Beaded

  • Mystri-Gold Pool Liner PrintPattern: Mystri-Gold /Swirl
  • Manufacturer: Swimline
  • Size: 15 x 30 x 52
  • Bead Type: Uni-bead
  • Weight: 90lbs

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Swimline Corp sells the same prints on many different grades of vinyl. This 15x30x52 pool liner is of their quality vinyl stock! Named for the Mystri-Gold pattern in the top section and the Swirl print that makes up the rest of the pool wall, and floor area.

Application: This is an attractive full print beaded liner. Straight out of the box it can be used as a J-bead and just be hung directly on the wall. Or the bead can be modified by easily stripping away a small portion of the bead, to be used in pools with a bead receiver.

This liner only fits pools that are 15×30 oval with a 52-inch wall

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