24×52 Atlas Above Ground Pool Package


24×52 Atlas Complete Package

Package Includes: Pool, Liner, Skimmer, pump, filter, ladder, maintenance equipment, odds and ends. Free Shipping

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The Atlas above ground pool package has thick extruded resin toprails, and uprights. The pool framing is available in three colors… Brown, Gray, and White. Our walls are made of US Steel, and are available in 5 patterns (seen below)

This package comes with our thickest liner, the Brighton Prism, a Skimmer Package, Confer 7200 Security Ladder, 100 Square Foot Cartridge Filter System, with 1 HP 2 Speed pump, and a 9 Piece Pro Maintenance Equipment Package. It includes Free Shipping.

The Pool – Atlas – 24×52 Round Complete Package

The first thing included is our 24 x 52 Atlas pool package is the pool. Thick extruded resin top-rails and uprights in your choice of three colors: White, Brown, and Gray. Two of our most popular combinations, are Gray frame with Gray Diamond Wall, and Brown Frame with Brown Diamond Wall.

The Wall

MGK Pools Steel Wall Patterns

You get your choice of wall pattern to match your yard, add choice during checkout, under special instructions. Our most popular wall is the Gray Diamond, and it is the default wall shipped with Gray Frame, when none are specified.

The Skimmer

Hayward Skimmer Package

Standard Hayward Skimmer package with through-wall return, gaskets, face-plates, hardware, and vacuum plate adapter, plus additional butterfly gaskets.

This is everything you need to get water out of the pool, and then back to the pool.


The Liner

Brighton Prism A/G Liner

The Brighton Prism full print beaded liner is the best liner we offer. It is thicker than any other above ground pool liner. It is a true 20/17 mil, 20 mil wall, and 17 mil floor. I know its confusing, because other pool stores claim higher numbers (thicker liners), but there is no manufacturer that makes a thicker above ground pool liner than this one. It is made by Latham Pool Products.

We have liners that cost more, but they are not better. This is our stock liner, we have to buy over 500 of these to get the price as low as it is. This will fit the 24×52 Atlas pool like a glove.


Confer 7200 Security Ladder

Pool A-Frame Ladder w/security barrior

This is the most stable A-Frame ladder on the market. It has a wall that slides in front of the steps that can be locked with a padlock when not in use (padlock not included).

It has a wide base, it is vented to allow water circulation (helps prevent algae), and secure handles on top to help you get safely up and down the ladder.

100 Square Foot Cartridge System with: Pump, Base, Hoses, Valves, and Clamps

100SF Cartridge Filter System

We put a Unicel cartridge in this system. It has been hand picked for this pool. It is definitely over-sized for this 24×52 pool, but you will appreciate it every time your swimming in sparkling clear water. Larger filters mean less maintenance. This filter is 2-times better than a 200lb sand filter.

We paired a 2 Speed 1 horse power (HP) pump. 2 Speed so you can enjoy lower energy cost, and 1 HP so dirt does not blow by, or get embedded in the filter. Also your cartridge will last longer.

Also included are the base, premium hoses, hose fittings, slide valves and clamps.

9 Piece Pro Maintenance Equipment Package

Pool Maintenance Equipment

There are less expensive equipment maintenance packages than this one. But because you are getting it at our cost, it just adds convenience and value to this package. It comes with a 30 foot vacuum hose, vacuum head, service pole hooks (service pole not included), test strips, for checking chemical levels, a hand brush, frog thermometer, Leaf net, service brush, and debris skimmer. The only thing you will need is a service pole to make this kit complete

We do not ship service poles, as they more often than not, it shows up looking like a service pretzel.

This is the entire package and of course shipping is included in the price. Now you know what is needed to build, use, and maintain a pool. If you prefer, you can use our custom pool package builder to build your own package. You can add more, or take out items… You have total control.

For help checking out, or to place an order over the phone, please call 1-800-897-8239. During the season with high call volumes, it is best to email. Someone will respond right away.


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