Vacuum Leaf Canister – Inline Leaf Catcher – Debris Pot

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500 Cubic Inch Debris Pot


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There is no better tool for vacuuming a pool with loads of leaves, debris and algae. This is the largest inline, professional strength canister trap on the market, at 500 cubic inches. It blows the Hayward Leaf Canister right out of the pool. Just hook this up to your service pump, and vacuum large amounts of debris without having to constantly stop and change out the basket.

Vacuum seven time longer with this over sized leaf canister. It has a clear easy to remove cover, to monitor debris build up, and empty when needed. It also comes with a HD interior debris basket and 2″ connectors.

Plumbing a one way valve on the intake side, make priming your pump, and this debris canister a snap (one way valve sold separately).

More Information

  • Dimensions: Width= 8.5″ , Height = 18″
  • Strong glass filled thermoplastic housing
  • Air relief valve in lid
  • Drain plug for winterizing
  • Adjustable feet to match with any pump height
  • Quick connect unions included
  • Best flow of any debris trap available
  • Flow rate up to 200 GPM
  • Keep annoying debris such as algae and leaves out of pump


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