Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose – Haviland I-Helix Pool Hose

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The Ultimate Pool Vacuum Hose Chosen By Professionals

  • Commercial Grade Pool Hose
  • Tight Loop – Resists Leaking
  • Long Life
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Pool Hoses For Above Ground Pools

Haviland I-Helix Professional Grade Pool Vacuum Hose

Pool Hoses For Above Ground PoolsHaviland I-Helix pool hoses for above ground pools and inground pools. Even the smallest pinholes in a swimming pool vacuum hose will ruin suction and make vacuuming a difficult chore. Think of trying to drink a beverage with a cracked straw, doesn’t work! If you drag a weak pool hose across your cement pool deck once and it gets ruined, and you’re wondering why you have no suction. You can buy a new pool vacuum hose every 1-3 years or Haviland I-Helix pool hose just once.

When choosing the proper size pool hose for your swimming pool, add three feet to the furthest distance. For above-ground swimming pools that are round, take the diameter of your pool and add three feet. Example; A 24 round swimming pool has a 24-foot diameter, add three feet, and you need a 27-foot pool hose. You will need a 30-foot pool hose though, as we don’t carry a 27 footer. 🙂

Designed for Inground and Above-Ground Swimming Pools


  • Built to last for professional service technicians.
  • Engineered for flexibility, strength, and optimal flow characteristics
  • Protected against UV and chemicals
  • Swivel cuff prevents twisting, kinking or tangling
  • White/Black color scheme


  • Dual profile construction with tough outer shell makes this hose perfect for any job and environment
  • Flexible web allows smooth movement around the pool

Available Sizes

  • 25 ft x 1.5″ ID
  • 30 ft x 1.5″ ID
  • 35 ft x 1.5″ ID
  • 40 ft x 1.5″ ID
  • 45 ft x 1.5″ ID
  • 50 ft x 1.5″ ID

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25 Foot, 30 Foot, 35 Foot, 40 Foot, 45 Foot, 50 Foot

1 review for Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose – Haviland I-Helix Pool Hose

  1. Pool Guy Mike

    I have probably ten hoses for my pool service business. I accumulated them because they kept leaking. Leaking is okay on a waste hose, but not on a vacuum hose. I bought my first I-Helix hose two years ago, and I am still using it, and I will be using it again in 2017 when my pool season starts back up. Amazing Durability

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