15×52 Aquasport 52 Pool Semi-Inground / Above Ground Package (round)


Semi Inground / Above-Ground Pool

15×52 Aquasport 52

  • Above Ground Swimming Pool
  • Choice of three pool liners
  • Hayward Skimmer Pkg



15×52 Aquasport 52 Pool w/ Pool Package

This is the best above-ground pool you can buy, FULL STOP! This is the strongest most durable swimming pool on the market. You can completely bury it if you like for an inground effect, install it semi-inground or just completely above ground (traditional). This Pool Is Bullet proof (don’t shoot it)

If you haven’t read about what makes this pool so incredible, please check out our Aquasport 52 Brochure Page (link below)

Aquasport 52 Brochure Page

15×52 Aquasport 52 Package

Package Includes

  • Aluminum Above-Ground Swimming Pool package
  • Hayward Above Ground Skimmer Kit w/Vacuum plate and accessories
  • Choice Of Three Full Print Liners

Liner Selection

Buster Crabbe Pool Liners


Three full print beaded liner options to choose from. All custom made to fit our pools. They are Prema 2500 grade made by Swimline.

Swimline is one of the largest manufacturers of above ground swimming pool liners. When comparing quality and thickness, make sure the seller includes the manufacturer’s description as we have here.


If you do not like this pool package, VISIT HERE to assemble a Swimming Pool package more to your taste and needs. You can select from many filters, pumps, ladders, stairs and more. OR call for assistance (978) 710-8667



15x52 Aquasport 52 Pool

For help checking out, or to place an order over the phone, please call 978-710-8667. During the season with high call volumes, it is best to email. Someone will respond as soon as possible. You may text as well or hit us up on Facebook

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