Oxygen Pools Package 18×52 Round Chlorine Free


18 x 52 Round Swimming Pool Package

Oxygen Pools “Chlorine Free” Kit

The Ultimate Package For The Easiest Maintenance and Upkeep

Best of the Best



Oxygen Pools /Dauntless 18 x 52 Swimming Pool Kit – Chlorine “Free”

Oxygen Pools Above Ground Pool Package

If I were building a package for me or a family member, This is the package I would put together. I am not a fan of chlorine, so I have put this kit together for those that are like me. It offers a non-chlorine way to sanitize an above ground swimming pool using the only full water treatment using ozone technology.

The Pool

This package is built on my all aluminum Dauntless Pool, but I am calling it the Oxygen Pools Package based on the fact I am including the entire Oxygen Pools System. This is the best alternative to a chlorine pool. The pool comes in three decorative wall patterns and you can read more about this Buster Crabbe Pool on my Dauntless Pool Page.

Variable Speed Pump

This pool package is for those who want the easiest maintenance and safest clearest pool water. I included the variable speed pump for several reasons

  1. Energy Savings – If we used a two speed pump, you would always have to run it on high, because the low speed is not enough water flow with the oxygen system.
  2. The water will get an extra dose of treatment moving slower through the Oxygen pools ozone generator
  3. Because it cost so little to run the pool 24/7 it will always be skimming, so there will be less dirt on the surface of the pool, less dirt that settles to the bottom requiring vacuuming. Also because you are constantly filtering the pool your pool water will remain crystal clear.


Some people might argue the filter in this kit is bigger than it needs to be. I say how often do you want to clean the filter. The few extra bucks, and it is really just a few extra bucks for this 120 square foot cartridge filter, but results in less work on the pool and more fun in it!

Oxygen Pools System

Instead of swimming in bleach on steroids /chlorine and having to measure and maintain a safe dose of that, and add algaecide to prevent algae, and add CYA (cyanuric acid) to prevent the sun from removing the chlorine. All you have to do is add about a pound of Formula “O” each week. One thing instead of three things for easier maintenance.

This system treats up to 9000 gallons of water. You will get the whole system including a 10 lb bucket of Formula “O”, and peroxide test strips.

The Pool Liner

Choice of three premium full print beaded liners

Pool Ladder or Steps

Choose between my best A-Frame pool ladder or my favorite drop-in steps with weights. You can tell me which you prefer during check out. There is a section for special instructions while you are checking out. Don’t worry if you miss the section. If you don’t choose, we will contact you to find out which you want!

Oxygen Swimming Pool Wall Options – Specify pattern during checkout (special notes)

Wall Prints for Oxygen Pools

Package Includes

  • The Dauntless 18×52 Round Above Ground Pool
  • Hayward Skimmer Package –
  • Complete Oxygen Pools Water Treatment System with test strips and 10lb bucket Formula “O”
  • Choice of three premium full print beaded liners
  • Confer 7200 A-Frame Ladder Or Drop-in Steps
  • 120 Sq Ft Cartridge Filter w/Speck E-71-ll Variable Speed Pump
  • Elite Maintenance Accessory Package

The pictures of the walls prints above do not do the pool justice. It is a really robust great looking pool.

If you do not like this pool package, VISIT HERE to assemble a Pool package more to your taste and needs.

Oxygen Pools Package



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