21×52 Atlas LASA Aluminum Wall Pool Package


Atlas LASA 21 x 52 Swimming Pool Package

  • Set-up Includes Pool with Aluminum Wall
  • Full Print Beaded Liner
  • Hayward Skimmer


21 x 52 Atlas LASA Above Ground Setup

This Atlas LASA model is a 21 x 52 pool package that has structural integrity and ease in maintenance. Super Robust Framing with your choice of color, paired here with an aluminum pool wall makes this an elite pool package built to outlast all others.

Choice Of Three Pool Walls

Aluminum wall choices.
Aluminum wall choices.

Atlas pool frame colors

 Brochure Page – Atlas 21 x 52 Swimming Pool

  • Package Includes:

    • Atlas Aluminum Round Pool Kit
    • Hayward Skimmer Package
    • Choice of Three Beaded Perma 2500 Swimline Pool Liners

    15 x 25 above ground pool liner options

    Three full print beaded liner options to choose from. All custom made to fit our pools. They are Prema 2500 grade made by Swimline. From Left to Right  we have: Boulder / Outlook / Mystri – Gold

    Swimline is one of the largest manufacturers of above ground swimming pool liners. When comparing quality and thickness, make sure the seller includes the manufacturer’s description as we have here.

    21 x 52 Oval Above Ground Pools

    21 x 52 pools are one of the most popular oval size above-ground pools. The reason for the popularity is the ample room to swim around and play games.

    If you do not like this Atlas Pool package, VISIT HERE to assemble a 21×52 Swimming Pool package more to your taste and needs.


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