Semi Above Ground Pool – 17x32x52 Aquasport 52 Package (oval)


Semi Above-Ground Pool Package

17′ x 32′ x 52″ Largest Aquasport 52 Oval

Most Versatile Pool

  • Install inground or Semi-Inground
  • Fits any landscape design

Be sure and click the brochure link below to see some pictures and get some ideas.



Semi Above Ground Pool – 17x32x52 Aquasport 52 Package (oval)

Semi Above Ground Swimming PoolThis pool is the biggest semi above-ground / in-ground oval swimming pool available from Aquasports Pools LLC. Call this pool what you like, you can install it any way you want except for completely on-ground. You must bury this pool at least one foot, otherwise you will need to pour a cement collar.

This package was designed for semi above-ground installations. I have included the above-ground skimmer kit and an above-ground pool pump as most people install it only two feet in the ground.

For those who want to install this pool completely in-ground, or for those who will be placing filtration equipment above the water line, you will require the inground skimmer, panels, and appropriate pump. We have this equipment and can make adjustments to the package to meet your needs.



Aquasport 52 Brochure

17 x 32 x 52 Semi-Above-Ground Pool Kit:

  • Pool: Aquasport 52 with Above-Ground Skimmer (inground skimmer and pump available separately)
  • Choice Of Three Full Print Premium Beaded Liners
  • Hayward XStream 150 Square Foot Cartridge Filter w/Matrix Energy Efficient Pool Pump + Accessories
  • Confer 7200 Ladder with Security Barrier and Lock
  • Elite Pool Cleaning Equipment Set The Pro’s Use
  • Build your own custom package Click here


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Semi Above-Ground Pools

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