Semi Inground / Above Ground Pool – 10x18x52 Aquasport 52 Package (Oval)


10′ x 18′ Semi-Inground or Above Ground Pool Package

  • Above Ground Swimming Pool
  • Choice of three pool liners
  • Hayward Skimmer Pkg


10×18 Semi-Inground or Above Ground Pool Package

10x18 Small Oval Semi-Inground Pool Package

The best semi inground pool, is no doubt the Aquasport 52. There is no stronger pool, or a pool designed to last longer. It’s strength comes from the extra thick aluminum slats, that go into the construction of the Aquasport 52 wall. You could completely bury this pool if you want to. Perfect to bury in sloping yards, or for any landscaping plan.

The Aquasport 52 aluminum top rails are manufactured with a pool liner bead receiver built right in it. Making this pool like an inground pool, you don’t have to disassemble any part of this pool to replace the liner. Read more about the Aquasport 52.

I don’t just sell this pool, I help homeowners all over the country prepare and build them. One person could build this pool but it is a lot easier with a helper. As soon as you check out you will get a thank you page with my personal cell phone for installation consultation. If you can level the ground you can build this pool.

10 x 18 x 52 Best Semi-Inground Pool Kit:

Package Includes

  • Aquasport 52 Aluminum Above-Ground Swimming Pool package
  • Hayward Above Ground Skimmer Kit w/Vacuum plate and accessories
  • Choice Of Three Full Print Liners

Liner Selection

Buster Crabbe Pool Liners


Three full print beaded liner options to choose from. All custom made to fit our pools. They are Perma 2500 grade made by Swimline.

Swimline is one of the largest manufacturers of above ground swimming pool liners. When comparing quality and thickness, make sure the seller includes the manufacturer’s description as we have here.


If you do not like this pool package, VISIT HERE to assemble a Swimming Pool package more to your taste and needs. You can select from many filters, pumps, ladders, stairs and more. OR call for assistance (978) 710-8667


15 x 30 x 52 Aquasport 52 Pool

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