Semi Inground Pool – 12x24x52 Aquasport 52 Package (oval)


12′ x 24′ x 52″ Premium Package

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Aquasport 52 Pool WallThe best semi inground pool, is no doubt the Aquasport 52. There is no stronger pool, or a pool designed to last longer. It’s strength comes from the extra thick aluminum slats, that go into the construction of the Aquasport 52 wall. You could completely bury this pool if you want to. Perfect to bury in sloping yards, or for any landscaping plan.

I have designed this package with all my favorite accessories. It looks similar to all the other packages because the only thing I could add to make the package better is the Pentair DE filter, and wall foam. This pool kit represents all the components I would use if I were buying a semi inground pool package.

The Aquasport 52 is an all aluminum pool, except for a few components like the resin caps. The aluminum top rails are manufactured with a bead channel built right in. Making this pool like an inground pool, you don’t have to disassemble any part of this pool to replace the liner. Read more about the Aquasport 52.

12 x 24 x 52 Semi – Inground Pool Kit Includes:

  • Pool – Aquasport 52 with Skimmer
  • 20/17 Mil Full Print Beaded Liner
  • Wall Foam
  • Pentair DE filter with 1 HP Pump & Premium Hoses
  • Confer 7200 Security Ladder
  • 9 Piece Pro Maintenance Equipment Package

The Skimmer

Hayward Skimmer Package

Standard Hayward Skimmer package with through-wall return, gaskets, face-plates, hardware, vacuum plate adapter, plus additional butterfly gaskets.

This is everything you need to get water out of the pool, and then back to the pool.

If you intend to bury the skimmer like an inground pool, we can include a inground skimmer package instead.


Wall Foam

Pool wall foam

I never use foam for the floor, or even for the cove, but I do believe in using it to protect the wall. Wall foam is water proof. Should you ever end up with any leaks, this will protect the wall from pool chemicals. This will help to protect the liner as well. The wall foam gives a little cushion between the pool liner and the wall, that would otherwise not be there.

This is a cheap upgrade that makes a difference. You see wall foam used with all inground pools. It doesn’t just protect the pool, it adds comfort and luxury to any install.


The Liner

Brighton Prism A/G Liner

The Brighton Prism full print beaded liner is the best liner we offer. It is thicker than any other above ground pool liner. It is a true 20/17 mil, 20 mil wall, and 17 mil floor.

I know its confusing, because other pool stores claim higher numbers (thicker liners), but there is no manufacturer that makes a thicker above ground pool liner than this one. It is made by Latham Pool Products.

We have liners that cost more, but they are not better. This is our stock liner, we have to buy over 500 of these to get the price as low as it is.

There are actually only a handful of companies that make above ground pool liners in the US. You would think you could use inground liner stock to make thicker liners, but you can not.  Inground Pools actually have shorter walls, and use a completely different stock.


Confer 7200 Security Ladder

Pool A-Frame Ladder w/security barrior

This is the most stable A-Frame ladder on the market. It has the added advantage of a wall that slides in front of the entry steps, it can then be locked in security mode with a padlock. (padlock not included).

It has a wide base, it is vented to allow water circulation (helps prevent algae), and secure handles on top to help you get safely up and down the ladder.


Pentair DE Filter with: Pump, Base, Hoses, Valves, and Clamps

Sta-Right Above Ground DE Filter

This is the best above ground pool filter. It filters the longest without needing to be cleaned. It is also the easiest to clean, making it my favorite. I picked it for this pool. It is way over-sized for this 12 x 24 x 52 pool, but you will appreciate it every time your swimming in sparkling, crystal clear water. Larger filters mean less maintenance. I have seen this pool filter go a whole season without needing to be cleaned once.

It is packaged with a 1 horse power (HP) pump. You will not need anymore power than this packaged Pentair pump. This pump provides lots of circulation, power for vacuuming, and features an easy to open lid. If there is a downside to this combo, it’s just having a one speed pump. They don’t sell this filter with any other pump.

Also included are the base, premium hoses, hose fittings, valve and clamps.


9 Piece Pro Maintenance Equipment Package

Pool Maintenance Equipment

There are equipment maintenance packages that cost less than this one. But because you are getting it at our cost, it just adds convenience and value to this package. It comes with a 30 foot vacuum hose, vacuum head, service pole hooks (service pole not included), test strips, for checking chemical levels, a hand brush, frog thermometer, leaf net, service brush, and debris skimmer. The only thing you will need is a service pole to make this kit complete

We do not ship service poles, as more often than not, they show up looking like a service pretzel.


Shipping Included

Shipping is included with all our pool packages. Shipping service includes: residential freight, power tailgate, driver assisted delivery. The only exception to this are super rural addresses, and addresses that can not be accessed by our trucks. Then we deliver to the closest shipping terminal.

Now you know what components you need to make a pool package. If you prefer, you can use our custom pool package builder to build your own package. You can add more accessories, or take out items… You have total control.

For help checking out, or to place an order over the phone, please call 1-800-897-8239. During the season with high call volumes, it is best to email. Someone will respond as soon as possible.


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