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27×52 Boulder Swirl Uni-Bead Perma 2500


27×52 Boulder Swirl Pool Liner


  • Manufacturer: Swimline
  • Print: Boulder Swirl
  • Bead Type: Uni-Bead
  • Thickness Perma 2500
  • Size: 27×52

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27×52 Boulder Above-Ground Pool Liner – Beaded

  • Pattern: Boulder / Swirl27x52 Boulder Swirl pool liner
  • Manufacturer: Swimline
  • Size: 27×52
  • Bead Type: Uni-bead
  • Thickness Perma 2500

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Swimline Corp sells the same Boulder print on many different grades of vinyl. This 27×52 pool liner is their quality vinyl stock! Named for the Boulders in the top section and the Swirl print that makes up the rest of the pool wall, and floor area.

Application: This is an attractive full print beaded liner. Straight out of the box it can be used as a J-bead and just be hung directly on the wall. Or the bead can be modified by easily stripping away a small portion of the bead, to be used in pools with a bead receiver.

This liner only fits pools that are 27 round with a 52-inch wall

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Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 6 in

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